10 points you have to take into account when buying a new car

Buying a car can be a stressful time for many people. The great expense of buying a new vehicle makes us think twice and think again and again if we are buying correctly.

Since we know that buying a new car is a challenge, we leave you with a short list of useful tips that can guide you and help you during the buying process.

1.- You must choose a car that suits your present and future needs since the bulk of the population can support their car between 8 and 13 years.

You should consider what your present and future plans are, evaluate the possibility of children and family vacations.

2.- Do not believe everything the seller or the manufacturer tells you since they will only tell you the good things about their product.

You need to read outsider reviews, as well as car tests and vehicle reviews.

3.- Although it may seem difficult, you should think about the future value of the vehicle in case you have to sell it, not lose a lot of money in the transaction.

4.- Currently, sellers and brands offer the possibility of testing the vehicle without obligation. Find some time and take a ride with the car. First impressions are very important for decision making.

5.- Never pay what you are first offered. Try to find the best price for your vehicle on the internet and start negotiating.

We advise you to visit several dealers of the brand to obtain several quotes on the same vehicle and thus argue possible discounts with the seller that you like.
6.- Ask about vehicles in Stock. Although they do not conform to the equipment or colour that you like, the units that are manufactured and have not been sold usually have a better price.

7.- Ask and investigate about the famous facelift and restyling. Although it seems silly, always try to buy the car with the latest specifications.

It would not hurt if you knew in what year they are going to change the model again since the closer the purchase date is to the moment of the renewal of the model, the cheaper the vehicle will be. This is because manufacturers and sellers try to remove the stock of cars before the renewal of the model.

8.- If you have to finance your vehicle, do not be fooled by the financing discounts since in most cases, those discounts are ridiculous compared to the interest you are going to have to pay.

9.- We recommend that you take a walk through the configurators that brands have on their web pages, print the configuration that you want and compare it with the budget that the seller has made for you. This will not help you to compare prices since the configurators of the brands do not usually apply a series of discounts but it does serve to study the equipment and the possible packages and finishes that the model you are looking for and need has.

10.- When you have a good price ask dealers from other autonomous communities. Search online for dealers in communities near yours, grab the phone and call. In some cases there are differences ranging from 50 dollars to 3,000 dollars.

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