Cash For Old Cars

Cars Wanted Newcastle offers a unique proposition to anyone who wish to sell them cars. We are providing top cash for old cars they are buying. With our attractive and competitive cash for old cars scheme, we have turned into one of the leading service providers in the Newcastle region and areas around it. We offer you the ease to sell your old, scrap or damaged car at a hefty $8,999 instant cash in exchange for it. The good thing is, there is no hidden charge. So, you can be rest assured that you can finally bid adieu to your junk piece of machine and not pay a single dollar for it. Claim your cash for old cars today.

Cash For Old Cars Newcastle

Whether your vehicle is registered or not is of no significance to us. We bring the papers, in case your car is not registered and a sign from you is enough to release all your tension. You may own a car, commercial vehicle, van, ute, 4WD or any other vehicle, we are ready to purchase everything you have to offer.

With us to assist you, you have nothing else to worry about, other than the cash. Once the deal is closed, you can rely on smooth towing away of the car and that too for free.

Get Rid of Unused Old Cars Quickly

Cars Wanted Newcastle is here to make your venture a speedy and a quick one. Unlike others in the field, we do not keep our would-be clients waiting for the cash. Our quick response team will be there to take away the car as soon as you want them to. Thanks to our compliance with the environmental policies, we use the latest and the safest equipment to tow the cars. As far as giving cash is concerned, we ensure quick payment. Our representatives are trained in such a manner that they put the customer first and do not promise them money falsely.

Whatever may the make or model of your vehicle be, we do not make any issue regarding that. As long as you sell us a vehicle, we will be happy enough to pay cash for cars. Also, to authenticate the transaction and render you completely hassle-free, we will provide you with a receipt.

Eco-Friendly Car Recycling

At Cars Wanted Newcastle, you can be rest assured that we follow an environment-friendly recycling method. With relevant permits from the authorities, we recycle your vehicle in a permissible manner, adhering to the right laws. Our recycling process includes ethical used oil disposal, air-conditioning de-gassing and ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling.

Get a Free Quote

Whether you are from Newcastle or the surrounding areas, we will always be there to offer you ample relief.

For a quote, call up and speak to one of our customer care representatives. We will give you a tentative quote after hearing about your car’s make and model. Later, on buying the vehicle, we will pay instant cash for scrap cars.