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Free Car Removal in Newcastle

Cars Wanted Newcastle is a reliable car removal company serving Newcastle and the neighboring regions. We have years of experience in providing a variety of removal services and making it simple for car owners to get rid of cars they never thought they could sell. We provide free car removal service and other services such as

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The Easiest Way to Sell Your Car in Newcastle:

  • Sell any type of car in any condition
  • Free car removal from your premises
  • Instant payment
  • Help with the paperwork
  • Top dollars of up to $9,999 for your car
  • Flexible car removal

At Cars Wanted Newcastle, we are able to offer more than satisfactory car removal services to our clients because we have an experienced, professional and competent removal team. Our team comprises of the right professionals you need to have the smoothest car removal experience. We have:

  • Professional auto appraisers – to help determine the correct value so that you are presented with top dollars up to $9,999 for your car.
  • Professional removal team – to ensure your car is towed freely from your premises to our yards.
  • Friendly customer care executives – to handle all your questions and concerns at any time on phone or contact us online.

Free Car Removal Today & Any Make or Model is Accepted

Our free car removal service accepts cars in any condition. This is one of the distinctive features we have over other removal companies in the market and we will be willing to offer you top dollars whether the car is old, unwanted, damaged, accident, broken, smashed, used, wrecked, flooded etc.

Top cash of up to $9,999 for your cars

If you desire to work with a removal company that will pay your car’s real worth, then you should know that we offer up to $9,999 with our car removal services. This is simply because we conduct an actual appraisal on the cars to determine their value and it is on this value that we will make you an offer. In coming up with the offer, we consider factors such as the age of the car, the make and the model, and its current condition amongst other factors. Get your free car removal today.

Free car removal in simple steps

Ours is a simple process that will see your car removed in the following easy steps:

  • Get a free quote – call us or fill in the quote form on our website, giving details about your car for an instant quote on the car.
  • Consider the offer – Make a determination on whether or not to accept the free no-obligation quote given.
  • Schedule the removal – if you accept the quote, the removal will be scheduled at a date and time chosen by you for your own convenience.
  • Get instant payment – on the removal day, our crew will make instant payments on the agreed amount and tow the car away.

This is how simple it is to have your car removed. No long and winded process, or even putting up ads to attract the right buyers. We are always the right buyers.

With our car removal services in Newcastle, our customers don’t have to worry about paying towing fees since the services are completely free. On the date of removal, our crew will show up with our tow trucks at the location of the car and tow it away without asking you for a cent. At this time, you will also get free help as far as the paperwork is concerned.

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