2020 SUV comparison: which SUV to buy?

Midsize SUV Comparison

In strict alphabetical order, we present each of the available models with a brief review so that you can know what to expect from them and make a judicious selection. We started.


The segment of off-road cars – midsize SUV is one of those that have seen the greatest expansion in sales in recent years. Since the pioneer and still benchmark Nissan Qashqai invented this alternative formula to the large format family car, all brands have wanted to bet heavily on this category.

The offer of midsize SUVs is huge and whoever faces this segment will have a very difficult time making their selection.

For those who want to focus on  “premium” brands, they can directly consult the comparison of premium SUV in which only models of prestigious brands are analyzed (although they are also included in this guide) and those who need 7 seats in their SUV, could take a look to the guide for 7-seater SUVs.

It is important to note that all the SUVs that are presented below are cars designed for asphalt or at most to circulate on tracks in good condition, which rules them out as true SUVs. When they have all-wheel drive, they can be very effective for driving on snow or climbing slippery slopes, but they would not take the rough treatment in the mountains that off-road cars are supposed to be oriented to the field, for which we also have a specific guide of authentic SUVs.

The Audi Q3 is an SUV with compact dimensions, similar to those of an Audi A3, but with a high body and raised suspensions that improve its off-road abilities. In its second generation it is produced in Hungary and not in Spain. See all the features of the Audi Q3


The Audi Q3 is Audi’s alternative in the compact SUV segment. As a premium brand, it will demand a much higher price from us to match in performance and equipment with rivals of generalist brands, but it must be recognized that Audi interiors are clearly above market standards and that the engines of the Volkswagen group to which belongs also are among the cream of the automotive industry.

Once the price barrier has been overcome, the Q3 offers us a very reasonable cabin with a remarkable quality of materials and assembly , four rings on the front grille (for those who value that plus) and a behavior that perhaps does not stand out as much as that of its BMW rivals. or maybe Mercedes, but that doesn’t detract at all from a fairly complete product.

Interior quality, available equipment

High price, expensive options, limited range


The BMW X1 is a compact SUV, available only in a 5-door body, which rivals the Audi Q3 in size. All-wheel drive (X-Drive) is available from 150 hp in diesel, remaining as an option in intermediate engines and being mandatory in the most powerful. You can check here all the data of the BMW X1

The BMW X1 is one of the premium possibilities offered by the segment.

It stands out for its outstanding behaviour, quality of finishes above its general rivals and a range of highly efficient engines, both in gasoline and diesel, that will delight its driver .

The BMW X1, like the rest of its premium brand rivals, requires an additional outlay, but in return, it does offer us a plus in every way compared to generalist brands in which cost savings are more evident and the range engine is not that bright.

Be careful with the options, they are quite expensive and it will be necessary to mark a few to have a well-equipped car and to our liking.

Behaviour, quality of finishes, range of engines

Classic interior design, high price


BMW’s most dynamic alternative in the compact crossover segment is the X2, a new member that loses some versatility compared to the X1 but gains in the sporty image. They share many elements and the range, yes, is somewhat limited in a first commercial stage Check all the characteristics of the BMW X2

The BMW X2 is very similar to the X1, but brings a sportier and more aggressive image , greater exclusivity and a slightly higher price. Like its brother the X1, it also stands out for its brilliant behavior , its quality and its range of world-class engines.

The X2 is one more niche product, in which we will be giving up a small portion of practicality by losing a few litres of the trunk and especially the more vertical hatchback of the X1 in exchange for a probably more attractive coupe image.

Quality of finishes, behavior, equipment possibilities

High price, standard equipment, limited starting range

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