Buying a car requires a responsible approach. You should be especially careful when buying a used car. A car sold in the secondary market is fraught with many “pitfalls” that may not be immediately recognized. Whatever they say in the ad, in reality, you can stumble upon “drowned”, beaten, with hidden flaws or with a criminal past.

Still, you should not discard offers to sell cars on the secondary market just because the risk of a bad purchase here is much higher than when buying a new car. Some of them can be weeded out already when viewing ads. In this article, we will explain in detail how to choose a second-hand car.

Where to look for a used car?

There are several options for buying a used car:

  • from friends;
  • in the car market;
  • through the Internet;
  • at the dealer.

In the first case, there is practically no choice, since only the proposed option has to be considered. Although the method itself is perhaps the safest.

Considering the other three options, we can assume that it would be more preferable to purchase a car on the market: a large selection of cars, a competitive environment (the ability to bargain), etc. But the situation changes if you put yourself in the shoes of the seller.

Imagine that you just need to sell your car and you do not plan to build a whole business on it. What is then the point of inflating the cost, wasting precious time waiting for your luck in the market and paying for everything else for a place in the market. The easiest way would be to advertise on one of the specialized Internet sites or even in a newspaper. A good car will sell quickly this way. A trip to the car market, of course, does not hurt, but only in order to identify the adequate cost of the car. In addition, there you can practice identifying broken cars.

Important things to look out for

Perhaps the main answer to the question of how to choose a good phrase: “Take your time!” Even if the selection process is delayed, you should be patient. Let you travel on public transport for a while, because rush rarely leads to a positive result. Otherwise, you can buy a completely different car that you wanted, or even “run into” a problem car.

When your desire to buy a 2nd hand car has grown into a final decision and is supported by the required amount, it’s time to think about the main purpose of the upcoming purchase. This will help you understand more clearly: how to choose a used car from all existing offers, minimizing all possible risks.

In this case, it is worth listening to the opinion of professionals: do not forget that you will bear all the costs of repair and maintenance of the car yourself, since there can be no question of any warranty obligations from the manufacturer. Indeed, in most cases, used cars have already been removed from the warranty. It is also worth remembering about the price of spare parts: the difference in their cost for domestic and imported cars will be significant.

How to choose the right used car from a private owner or dealer

Whichever method of buying a 2nd hand car you choose, it is better to invite a familiar auto mechanic to inspect the car.

The experience of a specialist is useful for detecting hidden defects in a car. The main thing is that he is a truly professional. It makes no sense to just take a friend with you (for the sake of appearance).

If you buy a car in a showroom or through an authorized dealer, then you will not need diagnostics (most likely it will not be allowed to be carried out), since such a procedure is carried out during the pre-sale preparation of the car. You will only need to view the report on the results of technical diagnostics.

What to ask over the phone and what to check when choosing a used car

  • How long is the rego
  • Logbook and service history
  • How many keys it has
  • Has the car been repainted?
  • Are there traces of rust or corrosion? (It is worth asking about the condition of the thresholds, by which one can judge the general condition of the car)
  • Are there systems that don’t work or don’t work as expected? (Air conditioning, heating, brakes, etc.)
  • How long have you been the owner of this vehicle? (If the term is short, then this is a reason to think about the reason for the sale)

When buying a new car, the first step taken is selling your old car. If you have a car that doesn’t have much demand in a private sale due to its condition or age, you can still sell it at Cars Wanted Newcastle. Here we will pay you top cash for cars and also offer you free car removal.

Looking to sell your car at a used car dealer?

There are many ways to sell used vehicles. One of them is to sell a car through a used car dealer. This option has both advantages and disadvantages. Autocode tells whether it is possible to sell a car to a car dealership, and how to do it as profitably as possible.

sell a car to dealership

Do used cars sell in car dealerships

The question is rhetorical. Of course, they sell quite a lot. At the same time, there are two options for interacting with a dealership.

The benefits include:

    • speed (it will take no more than 1 day, or even a couple of hours, to inspect the vehicle and prepare the necessary papers);
    • the opportunity to get rid of unnecessary worries associated with choosing a suitable buyer, lengthy telephone conversations, etc. – the employees of the car dealership will take care of everything;
    • less likely to run into intruders who will try to deceive you during the purchase process or even take possession of the vehicle by force (the likelihood of such a scenario is high, especially when a vehicle is sold at a cost of one million rubles or more. Therefore, the owners of expensive foreign cars prefer to sell them through car dealerships).

Sell a car to a used car dealer

sell used car

You receive the money immediately, after which the vehicle becomes the property of the dealership, which is looking for potential buyers. When choosing this option, remember that, most likely, you will be offered an amount that will be 25-30 percent lower than the average market value of your used car. This is due to the fact that when purchasing a car from you, the used car dealer does not yet know how profitable and in what time frame it will be able to resell the car. Thus, the low price is a kind of insurance for the company against unforeseen situations.


trade in

A suitable way for those who dream of buying a more expensive car, but are limited in money. When a used car is sold through a trade-in, the seller will not receive money in his hands, however, he will become the owner of a discount in the amount of the cost of the old car for the purchase of another vehicle.

Selling used cars through a car dealership is not yet so popular in comparison with the option that involves submitting an advertisement through the media or the Internet , but it has certain advantages in comparison with the latter method.

Disadvantages of selling used car to a dealer

If you are looking to sell your car to a car dealership, remember that the amount offered is likely to be lower than what you expect to receive. The used car dealers are not charities and want to profit from the deal. Therefore, it is often easier for the owner of the car to concede in price, but to save time and nerves.

Used car dealers only buy cars that are in decent condition. If you have an old car or a damaged car, you can sell it at Cars Wanted Newcastle. We pay cash for cars in Newcastle, buy all makes and models. Call us on 0444 554 410 for a same-day car removal.

Don’t give in to the pressure when negotiate car price

For many people, they feel uncomfortable when it comes to negotiate car price when selling a car is very difficult. Some people easily succumb to pressure, and buyers take advantage of it. We hope that our article on negotiating will help you with your next car sale.

cash for cars

The current market is a place for the decisive. Those who have a tougher stance will benefit when buying or selling a car. When a buyer comes to you to inspect the car, they inevitably have questions: condition of the paperwork, logbook servicing papers, numbers of owners, and so on. The savvy buyer will be persistent by making it clear that they will not agree to your terms and will refuse the deal if you do not give up.

Do not forget – the person has already come to you and wasted his time. Just do not fall for provocations, you are sure of the price – stand your ground. If they go back without buying the car, it will be them who wasted time coming to you.

If the buyer is negotiating car price very aggressively and inadequately tries to lowers the price, be calm – they are not the last to come to see the car, politely explain that the price is firm. Your peace of mind and confidence can affect the buyer, and they will ultimately agree to your price.

Give reasons for your price

negotiate car price

If the car is sold at market price or even more expensive, be prepared for the fact that every nuance you find will become a reason for bargaining. A scratch on the bumper? Throw off the polish price. Chipped windshield? Drop the price. Does the thickness gauge show more than one coat of paint on the wing? Make a discount.

The conversation can go on for a very long time in the spirit of negotiating car price, but if you are determined to sell the car at the stated price, you need to justify the pricing and respond to every comment from the buyer.

The arguments can be as follows:

    • The price has already been reduced taking into account the shortcomings that the car has.
    • The price is already slightly lower than the market, and the rest of the machines, which have not yet been tested, are more expensive.
    • The car was recently serviced (don’t say it was recently refurbished – it doesn’t matter in pricing, but rather makes the car cheaper than more expensive).
    • The car comes with expensive components, such as a set of rubber on disks or spare parts that were left in reserve.

Negotiating when selling a car must be justified on both sides, do not forget about it. Then it will be easier to cope with provocations and resist them, if suddenly the buyer tries to reduce the price without reasoning and bringing you to emotions.

Build the willingness to negotiate car price

how to negotiate car price

The standard trick on how to skillfully bargain when selling a car is to simply put the amount you are willing to give up in the price of the car. For example, planning to sell a car for $15,000, put the price $16,500 on the ad.

For an experienced buyer, they will understand that the $1500 is put for negotiation will try to go lower than $15,000. However, you won’t have to accept it because you already came down $1500, even though it was expected.

The advice is the same – keep a calm mind and remember that you are ready to bargain only for the amount indicated to yourself. Even this money must be given reluctantly so that the buyer has a feeling of participation in the game, do not throw off decisively and immediately.

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Buying a used car represents a very important economic gain, provided the car is in good condition. Thus, we must remain cautious and know how to choose from the large offer of the second-hand market. This article is not about scams or traps to avoid, it talks about problems that can arise and are easily preventable.

Avoid buying a used car with a blurry history

The first pet peeve of a second-hand car purchased from a private individual is the difficulty in retracing its history. Make sure you have all the information about the car and its maintenance before buying a used car.

Make sure the car has been serviced regularly and it’s been documented. Ask for a logbook and service receipts of any kind. Each time an operation or maintenance is carried out, the mechanic fills it out. Thus, having access to this book is very reassuring because it allows you to know the condition of the car you want to buy, the frequency with which it has been serviced but also any modifications that the car may have undergone. To sum up, the maintenance log is the health log of a car. A serviced car will be reliable regardless of high kilometers.

Mechanical, electrical, and electronic failures

The biggest fear of all 2nd hand car buyers, of course, is the breakdown that can occur after purchase. These failures can be mechanical, electrical or electronic.

The different types of breakdowns:

A mechanical failure occurs when a malfunction of a moving or non-moving mechanical part which is subjected to stress and which results in the failure of a fraction of all of the mechanical part of the car. For example, a broken cylinder head gasket. Operations during mechanical breakdowns can be very expensive.

An electrical failure is the result of a failure to recharge the battery. Indeed, a car to drive and in particular to start requires electricity. This electricity is supplied by the car battery. If it is insufficient, the starter motor and the alternator are ineffective. The only solution in the event of a battery failure is to change the latter. The price of the battery depends on the model of the car , from 80 to 300 dollars, and we must add to this the price of the installation which is around thirty euros. But it is possible to install it yourself easily.

Finally, an electronic failure is the malfunction of an electronic element of the car such as the speedometers for example. Changing these parts is extremely costly and does not always solve the problem which may be of a software nature.

Thus, the risk of breakdowns is to end up having to carry out repairs on the car after having bought it. This will greatly increase the cost of the occasion car you have just bought from a private individual. In this case, buying a used car between individuals loses its economic advantage.

If you are in the market for a new car but need to get rid of your old car first, you can do so at Cars Wanted Newcastle. We are an established car buyer company located in the heart of Newcastle. Contact us for quick cash for cars and we’ll buy your car within hours.

Sell your scrap car with these benefits in Newcastle

Reasons to sell a car for scrap can vary from person to person. Maybe it’s an old car and repairing it doesn’t make sense in terms of cost benefits. Or the reason is as simple as buying a new car and getting rid of the old clunker. Whatever the case may be, selling your scrap car comes with benefits and we’ll discuss them in this article.

Here some of the benefits of selling a scrap car in Newcastle!


  • Selling your scrap car to a scrap car yard means you don’t sell it privately. There is absolutely no need to fix small things in your car to increase its price.  A cash for cars company in Newcastle will buy your scrap car just as it is.


  • When selling your scrap car at a scrap car buyer such as Cars Wanted Newcastle, you will be saving so much of your precious time. Selling your car on your own often takes weeks and sometimes months while you waste your energy and time. With a scrap car buyer, you can get cash for scrap cars on the spot with no further hassles.


  • Another benefit of selling scrap car in Newcastle is that no one else is willing to buy old, unwanted cars. Even if you put it up online, you will hardly get any potential buyers. People on sites such as Gumtree or Marketplace are on the look for daily driver cars. Newcastle Scrap Car buyer won’t mind a non-running vehicle and will pay cash for it.


  • Scrap car buyers are licensed and insured so the whole process is very secure and safe. When dealing with private buyers there are no guarantees that the people you do business with can be trusted. For safer and more reliable scrap car sale, it’s better to go with specialised scrap car buyers.


  • Scrap car buyers are good at what they do and they can quote an accurate, fair price for your car. Their business is based on parting out the scrap cars so any car that they buy will be good for business.


  • When you sell your car to a scrap car removal in Newcastle, the process will be very quick and stress-free. By coming to your address, the vehicle will be towed away quickly and you will be paid on the spot.


  • The removal of your scrap car will absolutely be free. You don’t have to pay a penny to get your car to the scrap yard. If you work with Cars Wanted Newcastle for the sale of your scrap car, we will come take it away for you at no extra charge.


These are some of the benefits that come with when you choose Cars Wanted Newcastle for scrap car removal in Newcastle. Our experienced staff will look after you and make sure you are paid top cash for your car.

Car Repair Shops Aren’t Always Honest  & Beware of Mechanic Scams

Can repairs, which cost a maximum of 350 dollars, cost an overhaul of the engine and chassis? Yes maybe. The worst thing is that some car mechanics resort to this kind of fraud in order to “knock” more money off the customer. 

This happens because some mechanic shops don’t like taking in inexpensive jobs so they make their own. It takes their “valuable” time in which they have to pay the workers. Adding fuel to the fire is what is increasing in the rental value of the workspace. However, none of these is a valid excuse for them to rip you off. Therefore, in order to maximise their profit, or a small plus, the owners deceive customers who come to car repair shops and try to find as many different faults as possible. This, of course, doesn’t apply to all mechanics or repair shops. Only a tiny portion of mechanic shops would apply this low tactic. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

The first way some car service stations go is wheel balancing.

Since this is one of the most common services for car service customers, so the opportunity to find customers who do not fully understand what it is for and how it works is much more. As a rule, this procedure is carried out at every tire change, as needed.

The main symptom of this problem is that there is a strong beating in the steering wheel at speeds up to 100 km per hour. This is a clear sign that the balance is out of balance, and if you live in the suburbs, you will need this service more often than residents of cities with good roads. 

This procedure is performed for each wheel separately, using a special balancing stand. It connects to a computer with software that aligns the wheel. The operation does not take much time, and the process can be easily monitored. However, it is worth paying attention when the mechanic asks you to correct the curvature of the rim, which is a rather tempting idea. Especially when you have heard enough about how the curvature of the rim can seriously damage the chassis of your car, ending with a failure of control at high speed, and so on. 

However, do you really need this procedure? Or did the mechanic shop employee decide to earn extra 50 dollars per wheel for you? 

Installation of cheap auto parts instead of the branded ones indicated in the price list.

We are sure that you will not be very happy when we order the installation of oil filters from Bosch, but when you inspect the car, you will see the Fenox brand. The situation is rather unpleasant, and no one protects you from the fact that cheap replicas of expensive parts can be installed on your car. That is why we recommend that you independently purchase the parts that you want to install on your car and hand them over to a service station specialist. Of course, you will lose several hours of your time, but this is a small price for knowing that you have exactly the original detail. 

Replacing the timing belt and related parts.

The procedure is quite serious, as a broken belt can lead to the total failure of the engine. It is necessary to change it after 50,000-70,000 km of run. Important features of the repair are that along with the belt it is necessary to change the tension roller. But the mechanics at the service station are ready to turn you into a regular customer of the service by not changing the tension roller. As a result, you will definitely come to the service again, you will not be able to prove your point and will give up to 500 dollars.

Expensive noise in the car.

80% of novice drivers who get behind the wheel of a newly purchased used car occasionally hear an obsessive hum when driving. They immediately turn to the service station, where they are only welcome, rubbing their hands and preparing evil “multi-moves”.

The most common cause of this hum, though, is a faulty bearing located in the wheel hub. After the technicians hear the customer’s complaints about the noise in the car, they will start reading funny stories about gearbox faults, and in some cases, problems will be in the engine or chassis of your car.

Try to find a reputable mechanic shop for all your repair and servicing needs. Once you have established good customer-business relationships, your car and wallet will be safe. If you, however, have a car that is not worth repairing or fixing, you can sell it at Cars Wanted Newcastle. We pay top dollar for cars of any type and also offer free removal.

How to fix hail damage on the car?

Fixing dents after hail is a serious problem, but solvable. The most annoying thing is that there is no protection against hail damage. You can store your car in the garage, drive out only in sunny weather, but a thundercloud does not pick out cars that it doesn’t like. Hail will damage all the cars that are out and about.

However, the advances of the 21st century represent 4 ways of body repair. We will cover removing dents without painting. It is no longer necessary to dismantle the external body parts and the interior of the car.

Each of them has its own undeniable advantages and disadvantages. Also, each method differs in the complexity of implementation and execution time. We also pay attention to the tools that must be available from the person who performs the body repair. 

The lever-operated method 

This is the most popular in repair shops. It involves the use of special levers. The difficulties of repairing this method include the impossibility of positioning the levers directly under the damaged parts of the body. In addition, in the event of serious damage, it is necessary to dismantle some of the interior trim elements.

The glue method

 This is possible only with the help of special tools. They literally pull out the dented surface and level it. Technological solutions that are implied when using this method consist in gluing special caps, which, as a result, stretch and pull the damaged surface of the body.

The vacuum method is 

This is almost completely similar to the glue method. Only instead of caps, suction cups are used.

The thermal method of leveling the body consists in a sharp heating of the damaged part and the same sharp cooling. As a result, the metal takes its original form. As a rule, in order not to damage the paintwork, the damaged area is heated using industrial hair dryers and cooled using compressed air under high pressure.

We strongly advise against delaying the elimination of defects on the body of your car after hail. At the impact site, the paint may burst or thin out. As a result, moisture and air have direct access to unprotected metal. And then – oxidation will do everything for you. As a result, the amount of body repair at the service station will be multiplied several times for each day. You shouldn’t let this happen. Although it is entirely up to you to make the decision.

Next, we will take a closer look at the lever method for removing dents. It is widely used due to the fact that it works on large surfaces, which, due to their structural features, are located far from the stiffeners. To perform the procedure, it is extremely important to use professional tools – long levers, which with one end point pointwise on the dents from the inside and correct them.

For smaller dents, levers of a smaller diameter are used, for large ones, correspondingly larger. Then you need to inspect the car for damage to the paintwork. If the craftsmen did not identify any damage, you can finish the work by lightly polishing the work surface. 

Removing dents from hail using the glue and vacuum method can be used only if there is no damage to the paintwork. Car service technicians use a variety of tools for this job. These are usually mini lifters. They are intended for straightening parts with dents not exceeding 2 cm in diameter. 

The technology of working with this method of removing dents begins with cleaning the damaged area. The car must be washed, and the damaged part is recommended to be decreased. You can use alcohol or white spirit, and if not available, it is recommended to use gasoline.

What do when hail damage is extensive and cannot be repaired?

If your car has been damaged by hail so badly that it’s beyond repair, you may consider selling it if you don’t have comprehensive insurance. With insurance, you can make a claim and have your car either fixed or paid for. However, if you don’t have insurance, your best option is to sell the car. You won’t find many buyers for a hail-damaged cars but Cars Wanted Newcastle will pay cash for hail-damaged cars. Call us now and get a quote for your hail-damaged vehicle.

When selling your car, one of the most important steps is to determine how you are going to be selling it. On previous blog articles, we have explained different ways of selling a used car such as private sales or selling to a car buyer service. There is more than a high price when it comes to selling a car such as the safety of the sale. Here are how you can make sure that the sale of your car goes quick and safe.

Don’t waste your time with non-serious buyers

It is impossible to avoid all the non-serious buyers and you will get annoyed by them. It’s just become a part of selling a car. Without replying to them, you could actually screen those potential buyers and figure out who are most likely to be the buyer.

Once you have invested a lot of time getting your car ready to sell by thoroughly cleaning it, fixing necessary things and making a great detailed ad, you shouldn’t be bothering non-serious buyers.

How to Avoid Time-Wasters and Scammers with Good Screening

It’s important to ask these questions if you are looking to screen your potential buyers:

Does their full name look genuine?  If the buyer has a suspicious name on whatever platform is being used, you should ask and confirm what their real name is. Any hesitation from the opposite side should be red flag.

Is the person in your area? It is a very common scam that people will contact you and claim they are far away and that they want the car transported to them. Don’t even reply to those and it is %99 scam.

Do they want to see the vehicle? People who are willing to buy the car without even seeing it are worthy of suspicion as well.

Don’t agree to a test drive without ID and full cash in hand

This happens more than it should and you need to be careful. Under no circumstances should you agree to a test-drive of your vehicle without holding a valid ID and full amount in cash from the buyer. There have been way too many car stealings using the good old test drive trick.

How to Stay Safe When Selling Your Car Privately

The less personal information you share publicly the safer you will be. There are many cyber scammers who aren’t interested in your car at all – they are interested in your private information. Make sure you don’t put down your exact address on the ad.

If you are looking for a safe way of selling your car, you are at the right place. At Cars Wanted Newcastle, you can sell your car with peace of mind. You will get top cash for cars and secure and quick transaction.

We at Cars Wanted Newcastle to purchase all types of vehicles up to $8,999 instant cash from any make or model and condition. Your search ends with Cars Wanted Newcastle. We operate in Newcastle regions and offer exceptional car removal service for any types of vehicles.

The purchase of a new vehicle is by no means an investment. In the first year, the car loses between 15 and 30% of its value, and resale can cause you to lose more or less money depending on the vehicle.

To determine when a car should be sold without suffering a big financial loss, several aspects should be taken into account:

Neither too early nor too late

As we explained to you previously, a car loses up to 30% of its value in the space of a year. Selling your vehicle after having lost so much money and without ultimately having driven a lot with it is useless unless you benefit from a very interesting discount when buying your next car.

Conversely, the longer you wait to sell your vehicle, the greater the discount will be, the more you will have to carry out repairs on the same vehicle. At the same time, your contribution for your future car will be lower.

French motorists drive an average of 13,000 to 14,000 kilometres per year, knowing that the ideal would be to resell the vehicle at around 60,000 / 70,000 km, you will have every interest in reselling your car every 4/5 years. So you avoid all repairs including replacing the clutch, shock absorbers or timing belt.

In other words, either you sell your vehicle in the months following the purchase and you will “narrowly” avoid the 30% discount, or you keep it 4/5 years and you will avoid any repairs linked to the wear of the vehicle. car.

Another piece of advice: it is preferable to sell your vehicle before the marketing of a new model within the range because this arrival could increase the discount and therefore lose between 5% and 10% of the initial value of the vehicle.

Vehicle use

If you drive a lot, that is to say, if you exceed 14,000 km per year, it is advisable to sell your vehicle fairly quickly: the discount will be lower because it is still recent, and it is worth better sell your vehicle before the car undergoes wear and tear repairs. (Clutch, braking system, etc.). If you wait too long, the car may lose value, and repairs will be at your expense.

Seasonal variations

Seasonal variations affect the second-hand market; depending on the month and the season, you can sell your vehicle for more or less. You will also take longer to sell your vehicle depending on the time period you sell it.

For example, January is often the quietest month in terms of transactions, it will be difficult to sell your vehicle quickly, and buyers will try to negotiate as much as possible. On the contrary, you will have a much better chance of selling your vehicle between September and June at a slightly higher price.

Depending on the category of vehicle you want to sell, you also have to be strategic: city cars and older cars at low prices will sell very well in September because the temperatures start to rise and people are looking to travel around. As for station wagons, station wagons, minivans and 4x4s, it would be wise to sell them before leaving on vacation. Convertibles are more successful when the weather is fine, that is to say in spring and summer.  

If you want to buy from a professional, choose the end of the month and the end of the year; salespeople receive bonuses based on the number of sales or turnover; they will therefore be more open to negotiation at the end of the month if their objectives are not achieved. 

If you have a car that you want to sell without waiting around, you can approach Cars Wanted Newcastle. We buy cars all year round and yours is not an exception. Contact us for more inforation about selling your vehicle.

You might have a car that has been sitting around with a dead battery and broken engine for the last two years and you have finally decided to get rid of it. Since selling it privately isn’t a likely option, you are left with the only choice – having the car scrapped. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about scrapping cars and how much it costs. Here is how to sell scrap cars.

What is car scrapping?

Any type of vehicle will render useless at some point meaning they are no longer worth to even fix or repair. This might happen due to accidents or just old age and high mileage. These type of cars usually don’t attract any buyers. The only people who buy them are scrapyards. Scrapping a car means salvaging useable parts and using the frame of the vehicle for scrap metal. Scrapping a car is also very environmentally friendly since almost every part of the vehicle is recycled. It’s also better than letting it rot on the street which may be hazardous.

Do I have to pay to have my car scrapped?

No, you don’t! A scrapyard like Cars Wanted Newcastle will actually pay you for your car! Every car has value even though they may not be fit for public sale. That’s why we do what we do – paying cash for cars of any type. Not only that you aren’t paying to get your car scrapped but you are getting paid for it. You will also receive a free scrap car removal service – no need to drive it to the scrapyard.

How much will I get for my scrap car?

The amount depends on the make, model and the condition of the vehicle. You can get up to $8000 cash for your car. For example, if you have an in-demand car with in average condition, you can expect to get ~$2000 for it. If you have an old car that’s not running and damaged, you will get anywhere between $300-1000 cash.

What documents are required to sell my car for scrap?

All you need to sell your car for scrap is a valid ID, proof of ownership and keys to the car. You also get back your number plates which you can take back to the RTA and cash out any remaining rego you have on the vehicle.

If you are looking to sell your car for scrap, Cars Wanted Newcastle will pay you top cash for your cars. Regardless of your car’s condition or make, we are interested in buying it.









Buying a car requires a responsible approach. You should be especially careful when buying a used car. A car sold in the secondary market is fraught with many “pitfalls” that may not be immediately recognized. Whatever they say in the ad, in reality, you can stumble upon “drowned”, beaten, with hidden flaws or with a criminal past. Still, […]

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