Benefits of Selling Your Scrap Car in Newcastle

Sell your scrap car with these benefits in Newcastle

Reasons to sell a car for scrap can vary from person to person. Maybe it’s an old car and repairing it doesn’t make sense in terms of cost benefits. Or the reason is as simple as buying a new car and getting rid of the old clunker. Whatever the case may be, selling your scrap car comes with benefits and we’ll discuss them in this article.

Here some of the benefits of selling a scrap car in Newcastle!


  • Selling your scrap car to a scrap car yard means you don’t sell it privately. There is absolutely no need to fix small things in your car to increase its price.  A cash for cars company in Newcastle will buy your scrap car just as it is.


  • When selling your scrap car at a scrap car buyer such as Cars Wanted Newcastle, you will be saving so much of your precious time. Selling your car on your own often takes weeks and sometimes months while you waste your energy and time. With a scrap car buyer, you can get cash for scrap cars on the spot with no further hassles.


  • Another benefit of selling scrap car in Newcastle is that no one else is willing to buy old, unwanted cars. Even if you put it up online, you will hardly get any potential buyers. People on sites such as Gumtree or Marketplace are on the look for daily driver cars. Newcastle Scrap Car buyer won’t mind a non-running vehicle and will pay cash for it.


  • Scrap car buyers are licensed and insured so the whole process is very secure and safe. When dealing with private buyers there are no guarantees that the people you do business with can be trusted. For safer and more reliable scrap car sale, it’s better to go with specialised scrap car buyers.


  • Scrap car buyers are good at what they do and they can quote an accurate, fair price for your car. Their business is based on parting out the scrap cars so any car that they buy will be good for business.


  • When you sell your car to a scrap car removal in Newcastle, the process will be very quick and stress-free. By coming to your address, the vehicle will be towed away quickly and you will be paid on the spot.


  • The removal of your scrap car will absolutely be free. You don’t have to pay a penny to get your car to the scrap yard. If you work with Cars Wanted Newcastle for the sale of your scrap car, we will come take it away for you at no extra charge.


These are some of the benefits that come with when you choose Cars Wanted Newcastle for scrap car removal in Newcastle. Our experienced staff will look after you and make sure you are paid top cash for your car.