How to replace car wiper fluid and not ruin anything

Replacing car glass fluid should be an operation to be carried out periodically because this is the only way to have good visibility while driving. In fact, it is not uncommon for, for various reasons, the windows of your car to be clean and remain so for a good period of time.

It is therefore necessary to understand how to change the car glass fluid in order to be autonomous bearing in mind that it is not very complicated but you must be careful to follow some simple tips scrupulously.

How to replace car wiper fluid: what to use

In order not to risk damaging the windshield wiper system, it is first of all necessary to use distilled water, especially if the water in your home has a high content of limestone.

It is evident that this material is not particularly expensive so it is possible without major problems to obtain an excellent result. It is also advisable to use one of the many detergents created ad hoc so as not to risk creating system malfunctions.

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How to replace car wiper fluid based on the various components

The windshield wiper is made up of a series of elements that must be taken with great care in order to maintain all the elements so as not to damage the system. So let’s see piece by piece how to operate safely for yourself and for the vehicle:

  • Liquid tank : to fill the tank it is necessary to open the hood of the car then locate the tank, on the cap there is the symbol of the wiper with water drops, then open it and pour the water inside and close it again . It is advisable not to pour the liquid out. Once this operation has been carried out, it will be necessary to turn on the ignition and try that everything works at its best;
  • Windshield wiper pump : if no water comes out of the windshield wiper, despite the tank full and the nozzles clean, it will be necessary to replace the gasket between the pump and the tank;
  • Windshield wiper hose : if after cleaning the pump there is still no response then the problem could be that the windshield wiper hose is blocked.

When is it not enough to replace wiper fluid?

While the topping up of the water in the tank can be done safely by yourself, making sure to operate when the engine is cold so as not to risk getting burned, the other two operations should be carried out by professionals. This is necessary because especially if the car glass liquid does not pass through the pipe or if there are problems with the pump.