How to sell a car within a week

The need to sell the car quickly can lead to major mistakes. In some cases we find ourselves forced to sell off the car. Regardless of the reasons that may prompt the owner to sell quickly, one piece of advice we want to give you is to take the necessary time. You have to make an assessment of the situation to understand which path to take and who to trust.

How many options to sell your car?

There are a few ways you could go when it comes to selling your car. The most popular method of selling a car is through a private sale. You can also trade in your car or sell it to a cash for cars service. The first option you can choose if you want to sell used cars quickly is to put it up for sale by writing an ad on online marketplaces. You can also spread the word among friends and acquaintances, maybe one of them is looking for a car like yours. But the audience of potential buyers that the web allows you to access is undoubtedly much wider. Especially if you want to get rid of the car in no time. The DIY car sale offers the best price, generally, you sell to the final private user. The downside is the uncertain times – it could take a week or a month, or even much longer – and the risks I expose to you in the next chapter.

Selling your car privately

Price estimate

The first logical step in selling your vehicle is estimating the price! This is not so simple a task as it may seem at first glance. Indeed, the value of a car varies according to a large number of criteria: the year of entry into service, the mileage, the different equipment … What is more, the buyer is often very well informed about the reality of the market and will have no qualms about offering a price below the sale price. A negotiation, therefore, follows which requires a good argument from the seller to justify its selling price as well as a good distribution for all the counter-arguments that the buyer would make. Each vehicle, depending on its year of entry into service, of its equipment and its general condition, benefits from a rating which gives a very precise idea of ??the real value of the vehicle compared to the rest of the automobile market. The Argus is the reference site to establish this estimate necessary for the sale and recognized for years both by individuals but also by all automotive professionals. Here is already a first quick way to get an idea of ??the ideal selling price!

Care of the aesthetic aspect. A car with a neat appearance always makes a better impression. Before submitting it to the scrutiny of potential buyers, it is advisable to carry out a thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior, without neglecting the engine compartment. You can decide whether to contact a professional or do it yourself, even at do-it-yourself coin-operated car washes. Thorough cleaning of the car is essential for two reasons: 1) it removes the “lived-in” patina that could make it look worse than it is; 2) allows you to highlight all the small and large damages to the bodywork and interiors and to establish whether or not to restore them.

The text must be simple and clear, and say the essential in a few words: the model, the year, whether the vehicle is first or second hand, whether it is parked indoors or outdoors, the general condition. Indicate any repairs to be planned. Be honest and realistic as required by law! Take care of the photos: taken outdoors, in the daytime for good light, in a neutral setting (no dark garage, cluttered yard or spooky parking lot). 

Selling your car to a cash for cars service

Another way of selling your car quickly is selling it to cash for cars such as Cars Wanted Newcastle. We offer to buy any type of car and pay cash up to $8999. If you have a vehicle that you need to get rid of, contact us and we will help you sell it!