Selling used cars online in 5 simple steps

Do you need to change your old car, but not sure how to sell your current car? There are a few ways to turn your car into! Whether it is directly to a private individual or through a dealer, however, it is not enough that it is only clean and tidy, it must also be equipped with every useful document for the sale. What documents are needed and how much can it cost to sell a used car? Can it be done online? Here are all the answers you are looking for.

What are the documents required to sell a used car?

Before selling a used car, you must prepare all the documents related to your used car, i.e .:

  • the certificate of ownership, which at the time of sale will be transferred to the new owner
  • the vehicle registration document, to allow the vehicle and the new owner to be able to circulate and facilitate any checks by police officers.


What are the costs of selling a used car?

Selling a car costs nothing for the seller – the buyer will have to pay a small fee for the transfer of the registration.


How to determine the selling price of a used car?

To evaluate the possible value of your used car, several factors must be taken into account: first of all, how many km it has travelled, the state of wear of the vehicle, the year of registration. The higher these values ??are, the less the vehicle is worth. Of course, the model, brand and accessories or interior equipment can contribute to raising the price: a recent Audi model with leather upholstery and alloy wheels, also used, will always be worth more than a Toyota subcompact.

To find the right price, you need to take a look and compare the various prices offered on various platforms, or if you know someone expert in the sector, ask for advice. What matters is not to propose a price too much above or below the real value of the asset.

Should you sell to a private individual or to a dealer?

There are pros and cons in both cases: it depends on the needs of the seller. If the retailer wants to save money and earn more, we recommend selling through a private person : this will come on site to see the vehicle and will give you the requested amount, except for negotiations. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the time needed to prepare the announcement, prepare the documents, prepare the car, make appointments but the profit is much higher.

If, on the other hand, the first need is to save time and sell safely, then it is better to contact a dealer : in this case, he will have to take care of the sale, paying him a percentage of commission on the final price.

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How to prepare the car for sale?

Once all the documents are in order, now you have to take care of the technical and external aspects. Translated: it must be polished. Then, wash carefully, clean the insides, check all the details, so that when finished with elbow grease, it looks like new. A clean car is more attractive to the buyer: we all know that the eye wants its part!