Buying a car: new or used?

Which is better: a new car a class lower or a car a class higher with better equipment, but passed through the hands of the previous owner?

The solution to the question of which car to buy, new or used, is financial and psychological in nature. The first is absolutely understandable. After all, having a very small amount on hand, you can only rely on a used car. 

The second question is a little more complicated. When buying a used car, its future owner remains face to face with all the inherent problems of the car, and in the case of buying a new, most of the issues can be resolved with the help of a dealer. But is it worth it to overpay for a certain semblance of calm or to save on initial investments and get a portion of uncertainty?

These options have their advantages and disadvantages. We have summarized them.

Benefits of buying a new car:

  1. Most often, a new car is more reliable than a used one and breaks much less frequently.
  2. Even if malfunctions occur more often than the owner would like, they are eliminated under warranty.
  3. When buying a new car, it is possible to choose a specific modification and a set of necessary options. In the case of an order, design options become even wider.
  4. The absence of a “biography” of the new car once and for all saves the owner from painful doubts about the dark legal or credit past of the car, as well as its rich accident history.
  5. When the time comes to part with a car, it will be easier to sell it compared to an old car. Especially if the necessary rules for operating the car were observed and treated with care.
  6. When buying a new car, it’s easier to get a loan.

Disadvantages of buying a new car:

  1. High price. Leaving the walls of a car dealership, a new car automatically becomes cheaper by 10-30%.
  2. The need for additional equipment for a new car, requiring additional costs – a set of seasonal tires, alarm, covers, rugs, etc.
  3. The new car most often becomes an object of increased interest for hijackers.
  4. Even among new cars, unsuccessful ones may come across, and if it still turns out that it is tied to a negligent service by the conditions for maintaining the warranty, then for the owner the new product can be a real problem. It happens that the time, moral and, often, financial costs at a certain stage of dealer service reach such a critical level that it is sometimes more profitable for a client to go to a private car service.
  5. Ultramodern technologists, which are introduced on supernova models, do not always have time to pass the full test of time. Therefore, their media during normal operation may experience malfunctioning systems. Most often this is related to electronics and software. The complexity of the problem is that because of the novelty, not every service can correctly diagnose and solve the problem.

Benefits of buying a used car:

  1. Low price and the possibility of bargaining.
  2. The opportunity to become a higher class car owner for the same money that a new car from a more affordable segment costs.
  3. Choosing a used car, you can count on an additional set of options that will not be available for a similarly priced new car.
  4. As a rule, a used car is already equipped with all the necessary previous owner – alarm, floor mats, covers, tinting, etc.
  5. Lack of compulsory service at the dealer, who can charge prices for certain types of work.

Disadvantages of buying a used car:

  1. Difficulty in diagnosing the real technical condition of the car. Some problems are hidden, and they can be detected only after a little operational experience.
  2. When buying a used car in the future, there is a high probability of an upcoming repair of varying severity. The older the car, the greater the likelihood. Sometimes the cost of the necessary overhaul can equal, and sometimes even exceed the cost of a new car.
  3. The likelihood of a well-disguised “dark” past car – credit, emergency, legal.
  4. As a rule, the older the car, the higher the insurance rates.
  5. Obtaining a car loan can be difficult or will have higher rates since the collateral object – the purchased car – has low profitability.

An intermediate option between buying a new car and a used one from a person is to buy a used car from a well-known authorized dealer. Usually these are fresh models, which are covered by a small guarantee. They are tested in terms of technology and law. Their cost is not much higher than the market.

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