Gasoline cleans the injectors of a diesel car: reality or myth?

In the automotive world there are many urban legends, which are shown as the great saviors in car maintenance.

But, sometimes, they can be complete fiascos that will cause the opposite effect to the desired one.

In this post we will address one of those myths that are very widespread among motorsport enthusiasts: does gasoline clean the injectors of a diesel car? Is it a reality or a myth?

Surely you have come across this interesting theory more than once. However, the question always arises as to whether it is a myth or a reality .

Unveiling the myth

It seems a bit contradictory to add a type of fuel other than the one recommended by the manufacturer. However, this is a hugely popular myth that we have all heard at least once.

It is said that gasoline, having a greater detonation power and high solvent capacities, turns out to be “ideal” to be combined with diesel . This would allow to achieve optimal levels of combustion, which is why it does an “excellent job” in cleaning injectors .

That is roughly the theory behind this urban myth . However, before giving a final verdict as to the reliability of this information, we must know some other elements.

Gasoline and diesel have very different properties. In the case of the second, the high degree of lubrication it provides stands out, in order to improve the work of the various mechanisms involved in the operation of the car.

So what if you decide to test the cleaning ability of gasoline in diesel cars ?

Well, unfortunately, you would cause a disaster since you will not get any benefit in the mechanics of your diesel car.

When adding gasoline to a car with a diesel engine, the vehicle itself will react negatively when it detects an abnormality in the fuel.

Therefore, far from being able to clean the injectors, you will be causing great damage that will require a greater cleaning .

That is why we invite you to keep your engine clean, with the purchase of injector cleaners , adapted to the true requirements of your car.

Professional help for your car

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