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Features of driving on the highway

If you are not a truck driver, then most of the time you move along the streets and intersections of the city. The urban movement has its own specificity, its unspoken rules, its own logic. Cars travel at a relatively low speed and often have to be manoeuvred.

Road traffic is a different matter. Leaving on a country road, it should be understood that the price of a driver’s error increases dramatically here. Let’s take a look at the most dangerous factors in highway driving.


This is the main source of danger and the cause of most road accidents. The traffic police statistics eloquently indicate that the severity of road accidents on country roads is much higher, respectively, the number of deaths and injuries is higher.

It is not necessary to accelerate to the maximum speeds for you immediately after leaving the city. Allow your eyes and mind to adjust to highway driving conditions, then gradually increase your speed.

But you shouldn’t get carried away either. There is such a thing as getting used to speed. After a while, you will no longer feel like you are moving too fast. Your sense of danger will be dulled. Here and to the trouble at hand.

Look at the speedometer more often. Reduce your speed periodically for a few minutes to give yourself a break.


Many articles have been written about him. They usually talk about the dangers of this maneuver and how to perform it correctly.

But it is also worth remembering that at least two sides are involved in overtaking on the highway. In addition, who is overtaking, there is also one who is being overtaken. And the safety of the maneuver also depends on the overtaken one.

Therefore, if you are being overtaken – never hinder the overtaking! Even if you have a powerful, sports car, and you like to be only the first.

A good driver will never interfere with overtaking. A smart driver, on the contrary, will always help you to overtake yourself safely. To do this, he will take to the right and, if necessary, even reduce the speed, letting the overtaking one pass.


When going on a long journey, you usually check the technical condition of the car : brakes, steering, lights  , etc.

However, special attention should be paid to the tires. Especially the front. If there is visible damage, hernias, cuts, etc., then it is better to replace such a tire or, in extreme cases, put it back. When driving on the highway, always be aware of an unreliable tire and do not overuse speed.

A front tire that explodes at high speed will almost inevitably throw your car into a ditch or into the oncoming lane.

Road surface

Much attention should be paid to the state of the road. A seemingly harmless puddle can cause aquaplaning and a complete loss of control over the car.

The tar, which our workers love to water many kilometres of the roadway during road repairs, is very dangerous. The barely started rain turns such a coating into an “ice rink”.

Also, loss of control can be threatened by dirt and gravel, which are scattered along the highway by a tractor that has left a dirt road or field.

To have the perfect experience of driving on a highway, you need a stable and mechanically sound car. If your old car isn’t suitable, you may consider selling it. For cash for cars Lake Macquarie, you can contact us.