How to Get the Best Deal for Your Scrap Car in Newcastle?

When selling your scrap car there are things that you can do to maximise your earnings. Regardless of what company you choose to sell your scrap car to, you can always try and get more cash for your scrap car. If you want to get rid of your scrap car and make the most cash at the same time, we can help you.  Let’s get into details.

Get Yourself Familiar With Scrap Car Prices

Scrap cars are different from regular everyday cars – their value does not vary massively between different brands. For example, a road-worthy Mercedes will cost considerably more than it’s equivalent model Toyota. With scrap cars, the price difference is very little and most scrap cars don’t have much economic value. Most scrap car buyers will try to pay as low as possible. However, there are ways to increase the worth of your car. The first thing to do is making sure your car has as many useable parts as possible – for instance, do not remove the spare tyre or the radio. Make sure the buyer knows about it too. The more parts scrap yards can salvage from your car the more profit there is. Contact Cars Wanted Newcastle and sell your car for a really high price with us!

how to get best deal for your scrap car

Prepare The Paperwork

It is very important to be 100% honest and transparent about the vehicle’s history and paperwork. Any falsified our hidden information about the vehicle can cost you greatly both in monetary and legal terms. Also, the road-worthiness of your vehicle will add some value to it compared to non-roadworthy cars. You will need the correct paperwork to prove this. You also need to present proof of ownership and any registration papers you might have.

Choose The Right Scrap Car Buyer

The value of your scrap car is largely decided by the scrap car company, you can only do so much to increase it. Choosing the right company makes the most difference. When selling your scrap car in Newcastle, you will receive the most cash from Cars Wanted Newcastle and no one else. We value cars fairly and make sure owners are compensated as much as possible.

Cars Wanted Newcastle accepts cars in all conditions and doesn’t choose between different makes and models. If you have an old and damaged scrap car and looking for Scrap Cars Removal in your area, call us at 0444 554 410.