How to negotiate the price of a new car?

Negotiating the price of a car, even a new one, at its dealership is part of the game. Contrary to a very stubborn misconception, it is the better-off who negotiate the most. Negotiating is not an admission of weakness but on the contrary, you show the salesperson your strength. It is up to him to convince you not to the contrary. In this article, you will find some step-by-step tips for negotiating the price of your car.

First of all, the most important advice you want to buy and this is advice you could give for any purchase. Don’t go into the first dealership you see with your hands in your pockets. Under no circumstances should this be done. You must have already chosen the model and the brand, or limit your choice to a few models. You should also know that each brand has a different price policy. 

Similarly, depending on the period, the type of discounts that can be obtained may differ. At the end of the year all these little people will be eager to see the commercial objectives set by the manager achieved by pushing discounts and other good deals. 

negotiate car price

Once the model and the step have been chosen, you must know the different packs available as well as all the options on which you will not compromise. Unless this is truly your first car purchase, you shouldn’t be unaware that the prices listed with the “starting at” mark are nowhere near the prices you will pay

Of course, you need to know “the market price” and for that you have either the solution to go to many dealers or to use the internet with sites like Carsales or Gumtree whether it is a new vehicle.

When the heart of the negotiation has really started, you will have to make a proposal, give your price. Always start off at a very low price without being ridiculous either. It is certainly easier to negotiate on the occasion but you should not be afraid of offending the seller. Remember: the price displayed is not for you! Once you’ve achieved your goal with a final price that’s right for you, ask them to formalize it in writing.

Do not hesitate to interrupt the negotiation to better come back in force. The seller must have understood the model of your choice with the options as well as your price. He can come back to you if he changes his mind. You can also come back to him at a time when he will be in a hurry to conclude under the pressure of the objectives he must achieve.

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