How to negotiate when selling a car

Don’t give in to the pressure when negotiate car price

For many people, they feel uncomfortable when it comes to negotiate car price when selling a car is very difficult. Some people easily succumb to pressure, and buyers take advantage of it. We hope that our article on negotiating will help you with your next car sale.

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The current market is a place for the decisive. Those who have a tougher stance will benefit when buying or selling a car. When a buyer comes to you to inspect the car, they inevitably have questions: condition of the paperwork, logbook servicing papers, numbers of owners, and so on. The savvy buyer will be persistent by making it clear that they will not agree to your terms and will refuse the deal if you do not give up.

Do not forget – the person has already come to you and wasted his time. Just do not fall for provocations, you are sure of the price – stand your ground. If they go back without buying the car, it will be them who wasted time coming to you.

If the buyer is negotiating car price very aggressively and inadequately tries to lowers the price, be calm – they are not the last to come to see the car, politely explain that the price is firm. Your peace of mind and confidence can affect the buyer, and they will ultimately agree to your price.

Give reasons for your price

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If the car is sold at market price or even more expensive, be prepared for the fact that every nuance you find will become a reason for bargaining. A scratch on the bumper? Throw off the polish price. Chipped windshield? Drop the price. Does the thickness gauge show more than one coat of paint on the wing? Make a discount.

The conversation can go on for a very long time in the spirit of negotiating car price, but if you are determined to sell the car at the stated price, you need to justify the pricing and respond to every comment from the buyer.

The arguments can be as follows:

    • The price has already been reduced taking into account the shortcomings that the car has.
    • The price is already slightly lower than the market, and the rest of the machines, which have not yet been tested, are more expensive.
    • The car was recently serviced (don’t say it was recently refurbished – it doesn’t matter in pricing, but rather makes the car cheaper than more expensive).
    • The car comes with expensive components, such as a set of rubber on disks or spare parts that were left in reserve.

Negotiating when selling a car must be justified on both sides, do not forget about it. Then it will be easier to cope with provocations and resist them, if suddenly the buyer tries to reduce the price without reasoning and bringing you to emotions.

Build the willingness to negotiate car price

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The standard trick on how to skillfully bargain when selling a car is to simply put the amount you are willing to give up in the price of the car. For example, planning to sell a car for $15,000, put the price $16,500 on the ad.

For an experienced buyer, they will understand that the $1500 is put for negotiation will try to go lower than $15,000. However, you won’t have to accept it because you already came down $1500, even though it was expected.

The advice is the same – keep a calm mind and remember that you are ready to bargain only for the amount indicated to yourself. Even this money must be given reluctantly so that the buyer has a feeling of participation in the game, do not throw off decisively and immediately.

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