How to sell a car? Step by step guide

Every motorist has a moment in his life when he needs to sell his car. The owner of the car sells the vehicle for many reasons: the car has an accident, loses its liking, is outdated, or there is a new one that you want to buy. But here the first stumbling block is encountered – how to sell a car. After all, I want to do it quickly, profitably and get the maximum amount of money. Therefore, today we will tell you and give recommendations on how to sell a car quickly and profitably.

How to sell a car? Here are the tips to sell your car quickly

Many factors influence the process and speed of selling a car. There are basic rules, following which, the purchase will be profitable and fair. The rules are as follows:

  1. Consider the sales season. In the summer, cars are not sold so actively. People go to their dachas, abroad, on vacation, so the number of potential buyers is decreasing. Perhaps there is a buyer among them who would offer a good amount for a car. Therefore, selling in the summer is not always a good option. Autumn and winter are considered ideal seasons.
  2. Sell ??honestly. Don’t fool a potential buyer. If the car has flaws or problems, it is better to say about it right away. This will save you from further negativity that will appear if you sell “a magnificent car without an accident and which has never been in a repair shop”, but in fact it turns out that inside it is “killed”. Therefore, immediately talk about the condition, advantages and disadvantages of the machine, even if it is not beneficial for you. Such honesty wins, and the buyer will be more inclined to buy.
  3. Refuse to buy in installments. This is a dangerous financial undertaking that leads to loss of money. Even if you need to make an urgent sale. After a couple of paid amounts, the buyer will disappear and you will not find him. Therefore, the best option is to let the person who wants to make a purchase take a loan from a bank and buy a car in full than agree to an installment plan.

Consider the sales season, talk about the pros and cons of the car you are selling, and try to get paid immediately after the purchase.

Determine the price

Price is an important selling point. The car should not cost too little, but not too expensive. Some sellers, wanting to sell a car urgently, immediately set a low price. This is not always beneficial. It is much better to put a high price first and, if there are no buyers for it, then gradually reduce the cost. 

But how to determine the very best price? To do this, take into account:

  • Make, model and year of manufacture of the car;
  • Mileage;
  • Complete set;
  • Tires and wheels;
  • Engine, gearbox, drive, suspension, battery;
  • The number of past owners of the car;
  • Number of accidents.

It makes sense to set a high price for a car if the car is new and with low mileage. It has a complete set, good tires and wheels. A normal working engine and other internal components are installed. A large number of previous owners reduce the cost of a car. There are suspicions that something is wrong with the car and every new owner who discovers a malfunction tries to sell the car as soon as possible. This also reduces the cost and the number of accidents. Nobody wants to take a vehicle with a huge number of accidents in the past, even if the car is restored and repaired.

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