Selling your car without the help of the agency is possible, but requires a lot of attention, to avoid being scammed or not being perfectly in compliance with the law. Here are the steps to follow step by step in order to have an easy sale of your used car.

Many motorists decide to sell the car without making use of advice from agencies or professionals in the field. The operation, however, requires very precise steps that allow a correct transaction, in line with current regulations and that does not generate controversy with the buyer.

That’s why it’s important to be well-informed on the subject before proceeding with the sale. Let’s find out together how to sell between private individuals, what are the necessary costs and documents and above all how to protect yourself against any scams.

How to sell a used car between private individuals without an agency

Selling a car between private individuals means putting yourself in the shoes of a trader who must be able to do his job well, to avoid scams and not forget anything important. If you decide to proceed without the help of a referral agency or a dealer, it is certainly to save on brokerage costs.

But personal selling requires some extra precautions and a lot of time to devote to the entire buying and selling process. So where do you start?

The first step is to know any useful information about your vehicle. Any buyers will ask many questions and you must be able to respond promptly to each one, without uncertainties, or worse still by giving the wrong information.

Make, model, year of registration and mileage are the first data to be stored. It may also be useful to be aware of the extras because they represent an incentive to sell.

After making an estimate of the components of the car, the selling price can be established. In order not to be mistaken on the evaluation, it is also advisable to compare oneself by reading ads of other similar cars already on sale or consult quotation websites that help determine the market value of your vehicle.

The preliminary part of the sale is almost finished. There is only one last step left before proceeding with the sale: placing an ad.

The easiest and most immediate way is to operate online, but you can also act in the traditional way and write an ad in a local newspaper that deals with the sale and purchase of used cars. In both cases the text must be simple, short but without neglecting any useful information on the fundamental characteristics of the car. Adding one or more photos is important to give an idea of ??what is being offered and to encourage the purchase. It is important to add a valid phone number to be contacted.

Before answering the first calls, it is good to prepare the car to make it even more attractive, cleaning all its parts well (both internally and externally) and fixing any damage to the bodywork. Everything must be in order also from the point of view of maintenance.

Do not forget to verify that all documents are perfectly in order: car stamp, service, registration must not have expired.

Now everything is ready to make the first appointments and start the negotiations.

How to transfer ownership

Only when you are sure that you have found the right buyer and the purchase and sale negotiations have ended, is it possible to think about the next phase which consists in carrying out the transfer of ownership. This can be easily done online or you could use the good old registration papers.