How to sell an old car?

Are you about to buy a new car and would like to sell your old car at the same time and at a good price? Be aware that there are several solutions and alternatives available to you, such as going through a dealership or a car buyer. Here are some tips for selling your old vehicle and in the best possible conditions.

Selling an old car: different options

Today there are many ways to sell a motor vehicle, even a used one. The usual way is to go through a private sale. For example, you place an advertisement online and come to an agreement with someone who’s interested. But this practice does not protect you from possible disputes, and does not guarantee you will be able to sell your vehicle at the best price! Not to mention the inevitable time-consuming administrative procedures.

By taking over directly to a car dealership, you will benefit from several advantages: fixed price, the possibility of negotiation, direct and secure payment.

Sell Your Car For Cash

It may happen that you want to sell your old used vehicle urgently, without dealing with private sales. In this specific case, you might encounter difficulties in convincing a potential buyer, to buy your car quickly. Unless you know the art of commercial negotiation inside and out, and unless you are an automotive expert yourself, the sale of used vehicles from person to person is often perilous: how to estimate with precision the real value of an old vehicle, also taking into account the state of the market?

It is now possible to bypass all the administrative formalities and other legal constraints which considerably slow down your sales process. Thanks to services like ours, you can sell your old car within hours. You can also sell cars that have damages from accidents. It will take only a few hours to get cash for your car.

Sometimes a small investment in a thorough review at a reputable workshop can pay off in the long run. Selling a car with a defect or malfunction is one of the biggest mistakes we can make … well, there is a bigger one, which is to hide it and get caught before selling. Make sure your car is in its best condition before selling. 

We provide our cash for cars service throughout Newcastle regions and still expanding to cover Sydney areas. Some companies only offer free removal of cars but at Cars Wanted Newcastle you get cash up to $8999 on the spot.