Popular Scams That Car Repair Shops Might Do

Car Repair Shops Aren’t Always Honest  & Beware of Mechanic Scams

Can repairs, which cost a maximum of 350 dollars, cost an overhaul of the engine and chassis? Yes maybe. The worst thing is that some car mechanics resort to this kind of fraud in order to “knock” more money off the customer. 

This happens because some mechanic shops don’t like taking in inexpensive jobs so they make their own. It takes their “valuable” time in which they have to pay the workers. Adding fuel to the fire is what is increasing in the rental value of the workspace. However, none of these is a valid excuse for them to rip you off. Therefore, in order to maximise their profit, or a small plus, the owners deceive customers who come to car repair shops and try to find as many different faults as possible. This, of course, doesn’t apply to all mechanics or repair shops. Only a tiny portion of mechanic shops would apply this low tactic. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

The first way some car service stations go is wheel balancing.

Since this is one of the most common services for car service customers, so the opportunity to find customers who do not fully understand what it is for and how it works is much more. As a rule, this procedure is carried out at every tire change, as needed.

The main symptom of this problem is that there is a strong beating in the steering wheel at speeds up to 100 km per hour. This is a clear sign that the balance is out of balance, and if you live in the suburbs, you will need this service more often than residents of cities with good roads. 

This procedure is performed for each wheel separately, using a special balancing stand. It connects to a computer with software that aligns the wheel. The operation does not take much time, and the process can be easily monitored. However, it is worth paying attention when the mechanic asks you to correct the curvature of the rim, which is a rather tempting idea. Especially when you have heard enough about how the curvature of the rim can seriously damage the chassis of your car, ending with a failure of control at high speed, and so on. 

However, do you really need this procedure? Or did the mechanic shop employee decide to earn extra 50 dollars per wheel for you? 

Installation of cheap auto parts instead of the branded ones indicated in the price list.

We are sure that you will not be very happy when we order the installation of oil filters from Bosch, but when you inspect the car, you will see the Fenox brand. The situation is rather unpleasant, and no one protects you from the fact that cheap replicas of expensive parts can be installed on your car. That is why we recommend that you independently purchase the parts that you want to install on your car and hand them over to a service station specialist. Of course, you will lose several hours of your time, but this is a small price for knowing that you have exactly the original detail. 

Replacing the timing belt and related parts.

The procedure is quite serious, as a broken belt can lead to the total failure of the engine. It is necessary to change it after 50,000-70,000 km of run. Important features of the repair are that along with the belt it is necessary to change the tension roller. But the mechanics at the service station are ready to turn you into a regular customer of the service by not changing the tension roller. As a result, you will definitely come to the service again, you will not be able to prove your point and will give up to 500 dollars.

Expensive noise in the car.

80% of novice drivers who get behind the wheel of a newly purchased used car occasionally hear an obsessive hum when driving. They immediately turn to the service station, where they are only welcome, rubbing their hands and preparing evil “multi-moves”.

The most common cause of this hum, though, is a faulty bearing located in the wheel hub. After the technicians hear the customer’s complaints about the noise in the car, they will start reading funny stories about gearbox faults, and in some cases, problems will be in the engine or chassis of your car.

Try to find a reputable mechanic shop for all your repair and servicing needs. Once you have established good customer-business relationships, your car and wallet will be safe. If you, however, have a car that is not worth repairing or fixing, you can sell it at Cars Wanted Newcastle. We pay top dollar for cars of any type and also offer free removal.