Diesel engines are economical: They burn much better than most other fuel types. Low CO2 emissions: Due to the low consumption, the CO2 emissions are also significantly lower than with petrol engines. Diesel engines are powerful: the higher efficiency means that the engine has more power and it lasts longer. Truck engines cover well over 1 million kilometers. Some even two million. Cars also break the 500,000-kilometer mark, while the petrol engine breaks down beforehand.

A relatively low fuel consumption is associated with the principle of operation and, in particular, the process of converting diesel fuel into energy. As a result, diesel fuel is burned with greater efficiency, providing the possibility of obtaining up to 50% of energy from one volume of spent fuel. At the same time, a gasoline engine can get up to 30%, burning up to 70% for nothing.

In addition, it is worth noting a higher efficiency due to a higher compression ratio and shorter ignition time of the fuel. There are no energy losses that occur due to air intake (the design of the diesel engine on the intake manifold does not provide for a throttle valve).

High reliability

During their active operation, it was the diesel units that were able to unequivocally establish themselves as more reliable in comparison with gasoline ones. The main reasons for this will be the rejection of the use of high voltage for the operation of the ignition system. This avoids radio frequency interference, which often brings trouble in the form of problems with the electronics.

No less important is the fact that most of the structural elements of a diesel engine have a longer service life compared to gasoline counterparts. That is why, according to statistics, you can find quite a lot of cars that are on the go today, with mileage of about 1 million km, running on diesel fuel. At the same time, for gasoline units, a similar result is practically unattainable.

Maintenance costs

This advantage of diesel engines is hardly indisputable. In some cases, the cost of repairs and maintenance will be significantly higher compared to gasoline units. But at the same time, it must be borne in mind that the calculations take into account the loss of the market value of the car and the wear of spare parts during the operation of the car.

In this regard, with the use of diesel engines, the loss in price is much slower compared to vehicles that run on gasoline. Therefore, in the long term (when the life of the car exceeds 5 years), buying a model with a diesel engine is more profitable.


There are several reasons why it is safe to say that diesel is safer to use than gasoline. The main ones are the following: less susceptibility to slight ignition and the absence of fire hazardous vapors. As a result, fires in cars equipped with a diesel engine occur much less frequently than in those that operate using a gasoline unit.

Work on synthetic fuel

If diesel is used, there will be no problems using synthetic fuel. In contrast to the gasoline engine, in this case, you do not even need to make changes to its design. The popularity of such biofuels as, for example, biobutanol is gradually growing. New types of fuel are being developed, on which gasoline engines will be able to operate without failing. But diesel engines are initially able to run on alternative fuel without additional modifications.

Lower operating temperatures

The diesel engine will be operated at significantly lower temperatures than gasoline. This is due to the fact that in an engine running on diesel fuel, fuel combustion occurs with greater efficiency. Therefore, when ignited, less heat is generated.

Approximately 40% less fuel consumption by diesel units to generate the same power is due to a higher compression ratio and injection features when feeding fuel into the combustion chamber (it does not happen until the piston is at the top of the stroke).

Motor resource

With the use of diesel engines, the engine resource will be on average 2 times more in comparison with a gasoline analogue. Under the condition of regular maintenance, the diesel engine power unit lasts much longer, primarily because more reliable and powerful parts are laid in it at the design and manufacturing stage. In addition, it is worth noting that diesel fuel has an excellent lubricating effect on engine components.

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