Remote engine start: convenient or bad?

The ability to warm up the car in winter and cool the interior of the car in the heat of summer appeared among drivers about 40 years ago with the advent of injection engines. Despite the relative technological “youth”, remote start has become one of the most popular options and types of additional equipment purchased by car owners around the world. How remote start of a car works, what are its advantages and disadvantages, we will figure it out in this article.

What is the autorun system for?

Most drivers actively use automatic engine start in winter, when it is necessary to warm up the car, but do not want to go out into the cold, or time does not allow. Using a button on a special key fob, you can remotely start the car and after a few minutes get into an already warmed-up vehicle in order to immediately go on business.

Remote engine start in summer is no less in demand, because on hot days the car interior gets very hot, turning into a melted bath. Autostart allows you to remotely turn on the air conditioner and reduce the air temperature inside the car to optimal comfort levels.

You can purchase an automatic engine start system as part of a new vehicle. If the module is absent in the list of factory options, the motor autostart can be set independently.

In the modern market of automatic engine start systems, 2 main types are offered:

  1. Driven by a driver. These are the most popular, reliable and safe modules among all existing ones. However, they can only function if the motorist is at a distance of no more than 400 meters. You can control such a device using a key fob or a special application on your smartphone. The internal combustion engine starts working only after receiving a signal from the driver.
  2. Programmable systems. The relatively new type of autostart is especially convenient when the car is parked far from home. The operation of the power unit is also regulated by means of a smartphone. Thanks to the application created by the system manufacturer, you can set the following parameters: autostart activation time, including depending on the outside air temperature and the battery charge level.

The principle of operation of autorun equipment

The remote engine start system can be installed autonomously or in conjunction with a burglar alarm. The accessories are housed in a small plastic case and located under the hood. The standard set includes an electronic board associated with a group of sensors, and wires for connecting to the car’s wiring. A car with any type of engine (gasoline, diesel) and a gearbox (automatic, mechanical, robotic, variator) can be equipped with autostart. There are no additional requirements for the technical condition of the car.

When you press the key fob button or when you start the corresponding program in the application, the signal is transmitted to a special module, and the control unit, in turn, feeds the electrical circuit of the ignition system. After some time, necessary for the creation of fuel pressure by the fuel pump in the fuel rail, the starter is supplied with the necessary power. The effect of this action is similar to turning the ignition key or pressing the Start button.

The auto-start device regulates the operation of the motor for a time set by the mechanism, after which the starter is turned off.
Unlike gasoline internal combustion engines, in cars with diesel units, the autostart system, first of all, activates the glow plugs. This algorithm allows you to properly warm up the cylinders and only then connect the starter to work.

Advantages and disadvantages of remote engine start

There is no doubt that autostart greatly facilitates the daily operation of the car in the cold season and hot summer.

“Pluses” of the system:

  • The ability to start the motor from home, without spending valuable personal time;
  • Warming up the engine and car interior, as well as cooling the air inside the car to create a comfortable microclimate and ensure the normal operation of key vehicle systems;
  • Detailed programming of engine start taking into account the set time and temperature conditions.

“Disadvantages” of autorun:

  • With frequent use of autostart, moving parts of the motor can fail faster, as a result of wear. The fact is that at the moment of starting a cold engine, the friction force increases, while the lubricant (oil) does not immediately heat up.
  • The automatic start of the power unit is associated with a high load on the battery of the battery. In this case, charging will have to be done more often.
  • Experts believe that an empty car with a running engine is attracting close attention of criminals. Cases of thefts do take place, so provide maximum protection for your property, take care of a reliable lock.
  • Repeated autostart increases fuel consumption, so if the air temperature outside the window is not “extreme”, do not rush to turn on autostart again and again.

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