Sell your car for more money with these 5 tips

There is often a considerable price difference between the minimum and maximum price that you can get for your car. But with a few simple actions, you ensure that buyers are willing to pay the maximum price for your car. That is why we have listed 5 tips that will make your car worth more in the eyes of the buyer.

Clean your car

It may sound like an insignificant thing but it is very important to clean your car completely inside and out. People simply want to spend more money if a car looks neat. This also ensures that the car appears reliable. Therefore, make sure you take the car through the car wash and clean it well inside. This way you get the most for your car.

Make sure your maintenance book is up to date

An up-to-date and updated maintenance booklet is a great advantage. This shows that the car has always been well maintained. Is your RWC expiring soon? Even then it is worthwhile to have it renewed. For example, the buyer will be less suspicious about the condition of the car and will therefore also want to pay more for it.

Practice your negotiation skills

Whether you are going to buy or sell a car, negotiating is simply part of it. A buyer will always try to negotiate a price. Therefore, make sure that you always ask for more than you ultimately want for it. This also gives the buyer the feeling that he has negotiated a good deal. But don’t let the price push yourself too much. Always agree on a bottom limit with yourself and practice never hurts.

Make sure all fluids are up to standard

A buyer will always look under the hood too. It is a small effort to top up all fluids such as the oil level and windshield wiper fluid. This leaves a neat impression and you show that you have always handled the car well.

Replace wheel covers or license plates

Over the years, your hubcaps will show a number of scratches and your license plate will not look any better. If the damage is clearly visible and you can no longer get it properly, invest in a new set. It will only cost you a few bucks, but that will eventually pay for itself when you want to sell your car.

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