Ten Ways to Become a Good Driver

How to learn to drive better?

As you know, our roads are constantly in traffic jams, which greatly distracts the attention of any driver. Plus, on the roads, you can meet drivers who have inappropriate behaviour for various reasons (someone due to lack of experience, someone because of a conversation on a mobile phone, etc.). In this situation, for many drivers, due to such actions on the road, their own safety is noticeably reduced. In no case should you be like such grief of motorists. We have chosen ten specific ways for you that will help keep you safe on the road while driving and will make you, we hope, more skilful and experienced drivers.

10) Feel your car yourself on a slippery road


How it can help and teach you how to drive:  Choose a safe place to start driving practice. This can be an empty car park or driving training area. After the past rain or snow, immediately go to a similar place to learn how to better feel the car on a slippery road. On slippery roads, you will be able to know the limits of your own car, as well as determine in which specific situations it loses grip.


In order to fully feel the car, you need to try to do everything on a wet or icy road so that the car starts to lose traction. To do this, it is necessary to rotate the wheels of the car in different directions with a sharp increase in speed, in order to thereby reduce its adhesion to the road surface. Remember, you must do all this in a strictly safe place, where there are no lamp posts or other cars. Also remember, if you do not have the experience, you need to do everything at low speed


9) Car video games


How it can help you learn to drive better:  Surprisingly, these games really are a great way to become a more skilful and experienced driver . Do you think that video games like these won’t help you learn to drive better? Then answer one question, why do aeroplane pilots train for a long time on computer simulators? In fact, these video games can specifically help any driver improve their driving skills. The point here is as follows, there are games that are practically the same virtual car… It is such games that will be able to directly train the driver and attentiveness (without which there is no place on the road), and the desired reaction, and the visual trajectory of the car’s movement, and also allow him, on a subconscious level, to fix in his memory some certain actions that will become necessary for further control car in real life.


8) Learn to be sure to drive a car with a manual transmission


How it can help you learn to drive better:  In recent years, the proportion of the auto-transmission fleet has grown steadily. This is primarily due to the fact that automatic transmissions are much more convenient and practical. But to our disappointment, this automatic transmission does not give you the full feel of the entire vehicle. Many newcomers on the road these days, unfortunately, only know how to drive a car with an automatic transmission. The point here is this, now you can study and take a license both on a car with a manual gearbox and on an equipped automatic gearbox.


We advise you to initially learn how to drive a car with a manual transmission,  even if you own a vehicle with an automatic transmission. Having gained the necessary experience of driving on mechanics, you will learn how to synchronously interact with your hands and feet at the same time, more or better feel both the car and the moment of engagement. You will also learn how to brake by the very speeds of a manual transmission (braking a car by lowering the transmission speed), which is important. 


Further, as soon as you learn to drive a car with a manual transmission, you will develop and improve your attention on the road, because when driving a car with such a manual transmission, you need twice as much attention as when driving a car with an automatic transmission. When learning to ride with a manual transmission, be sure to learn how to get under way when you are on a hill. To do this, stop the car on an incline, put it on the handbrake (“handbrake”) and switch the box to neutral. Next, you must remove the car from the handbrake and turn on the first speed, after all, try to get underway. 


7) Put your mobile phone in the glove compartment and turn off the radio


How it can help you learn to drive better:  If you are still a beginner on the road, we recommend that you put your phone in the glove box and turn off the radio, as these things seriously distract drivers from the existing traffic situation. According to statistics, it has been established that the telephone is the most important hazard when driving on the road.


Remember and do not forget that due to a message received on your phone while driving, at which you looked and distracted your attention for just a few seconds, you may not notice a red traffic light or something else on the road. situation. If an experienced driver in such a situation can at least try to fix it, then an inexperienced driver already has a great risk for himself, in this case, to get into an accident. Also, while practicing your driving skills, take care of the radio receiver, turn it off, it may interfere with your focus on driving, which means it will distract you.


6) Driving school


How it can help you learn to drive better:  Even if you studied at a driving school and successfully passed the traffic police exam for a license, this does not mean that you have learned to drive well. We advise you to hire a driving instructor to help you learn how to drive and control your car even better. If you think you’ve learned how to drive a car well enough, try to enroll in emergency driving courses, which, trust us, will make you feel like just a beginner in the field of driving.


In such courses, you can gain valuable knowledge that will not only help you drive better, but also allow you to gain the necessary experience in driving a vehicle in extreme conditions.


5) Rally school


How it can help you learn to drive better:  Enroll in a rally driving school, where you will be taught how to drive a car at speed not only on asphalt, but also on dirt roads and mud. You will be taught to feel the power of the car professionally within the thrust limits of the engine itself. Trust us, you will have an amazing driving experience that you cannot get anywhere else, you will learn how to drive a car on light off-road. 


4) Autocross


How it can help you learn to drive better:  Another surefire way to become a better driver. At least once a week practice autocross on a special site or track . As a rule, the autocross itself includes passing a certain distance in the shortest possible time. In addition, there are exercises in which the so-called autocross usually passes through specially created obstacles.


By practicing this type of exercise, you will not only hone your skills, but also learn the limits of your own car, and along with it, your own real level of driving.


3) Do not pay attention to inadequate drivers


How it can help us learn to drive better:  Every day we meet on the road with inadequate and rude drivers who make us very nervous. Often we cannot contain our emotions and signal after them, thereby showing our displeasure.


But unfortunately, our irritation greatly affects the attentiveness on the road. We sometimes do not notice this, being nervous on the road, we ourselves become aggressive. You don’t have to be like such drivers and react to their actions. Learn to ignore them. And besides, in no case should you react to the wrong actions on the road by novice drivers, since your indignation can further provoke an accident.


2) Know your surroundings


How it can help you learn to drive better:  After several weeks of auto practice on a special site, where it is likely to be very slippery, you should feel that you have started to drive better, and the fear of a wet or icy road has disappeared somewhere. You will feel like an expert in car control, but unfortunately, this is not enough and not enough on the road to consider yourself as  an experienced driver.


In addition to everything, you must learn from a certain practise of the so-called “situational awareness”, this is very important in all aspects of our life, and even more so when you are driving your car. Driving a car with a manual transmission allows the driver to assess the real situation on the road and always be more attentive while driving. In order to be more attentive on the road, you must learn to see everything that surrounds you while driving.



Start simple at first, try to learn to see all the surrounding road signs as you move. Further, during your trip, you must learn not to miss a single pedestrian crossing or a single path designed specifically for cyclists. Having learned to read all the signs and the same road markings without much difficulty, you gradually move on to the next acquisition of the skills you need.


Now you need to learn when driving a car to see and notice all the vehicles that move around you.

This also applies to motorcycles, which you must learn to keep in sight and notice them instantly when they pass you.


This is one of the key points of mindfulness besides the driving skill that is taught in any sports driving school. The point here is this, being able to drive a car but not having the necessary attentiveness on the road (for example, if you do not observe all the vehicles around you), in an emergency, most likely you will not figure out what to do and how to act, in which side to turn. The reason is very simple – you were not aware of your surroundings on the road.


1) Drive your car more


How can it help to learn how to better drive a car:  The best thing that you can do to become more experienced and skilled driver, it is primarily a practice, practice and more practice. The more you drive a car, the more experience you will get. After gaining a little experience in a driving school and then securing it yourself on special sites, and perhaps even having completed courses of additional skill in driving, you try not to give up further trips by car. Never be afraid to drive. Keep in mind that if you are once again afraid of going somewhere, then you will have even more fear than before, and it will be very difficult to get out of this vicious circle.


There is simply no substitute and alternative to this. It is just like playing a musical instrument or skiing. Without daily practice, you will not be able to consolidate your driving experience and will simply lose it over time. After all, many of us know that if a musician plays a musical instrument only 4 times a year, then surely he will simply forget how to master his playing skills perfectly (unless of course, he is not Mozart). The same is the case with car driving skill (unless you are the second great Senna). 


Thus, you just need to remember if you are wary of your car and recently received a driver’s license, i.e. right, then the very first thing you need to do  is overcome your fear and, by all means, continue to practice on the road every single day . Are you afraid of cars? This is fixable, then train specifically on a specially designated area or go to the road at 4 in the morning, when in your village all the roads are practically still empty.