The 3 biggest advantages of buying a used car

What is the best thing to buy, a used car or a new one? One thing is certain. And that is that a new car is usually seriously more expensive than a used car. On the other hand, you can expect that a new car is less likely to fail than a used car.

Furthermore, the insurance premium for a new car is usually a lot more expensive than the insurance premium for the average second-hand car should be. Which means that driving a new car usually costs more money than a comparable used car.

We have listed the 3 biggest advantages of buying and driving a used car.

1) A second-hand car is usually considerably cheaper

A used car is usually a lot cheaper to buy than a new car. Moreover, a used car can also be a lot cheaper in insurance. Because a second-hand car often does not require all-risk insurance.

Often the purchase of a car must be financed. Definitely a new car. And so often, in addition to the purchase price of the car, a considerable amount of interest must also be paid for a number of years. Which makes the purchase amount of the car a lot higher.

If we add the depreciation to this, then privately owning a car is seriously expensive. Because the value of a car can drop to half the purchase value in the first 4 years. And can therefore just go up to 10,000 euros per year or more in depreciation on a new car.

Those who smartly buy a used car buy themselves a car that is easy to pay in cash. By giving yourself the opportunity to pay a car directly in cash, you can often enforce a much more competitive price. So you can be a lot cheaper.

And from the money you would otherwise have had to pay in interest and pay off the financing, you can do a lot of other fun things.

2) You can immediately have a used car

If you decide today that you want a different car, you could have another used car tomorrow. Especially when you buy your used car from a private individual .

When you decide to buy a new car, that is often not the case at all. A waiting period of a few months for a new car is certainly no exception.

3) You can choose where and when you want maintenance to be carried out

If you buy a new car, you are obliged to have the car serviced by a dealer of the brand, as prescribed by the manufacturer, for at least the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty. Since car dealers know a lot about prices nowadays, even small maintenance can turn out to be more expensive than you would expect.

However, if you can and want to, you can even take care of the maintenance of your second-hand car. Nowadays you can quickly make serious savings in this way. And so quickly keep several hundred Euros in your pocket.

The advantages of buying a used car mainly show that buying and driving a used car is often a lot cheaper than buying and driving a new car. And certainly worth considering.

All the more so, because a new car is also only a collection of electronic and mechanical parts, which can cause malfunctions through use and of which a number of parts are also subject to wear. Which means that a new car does not necessarily have to be more reliable than a well-maintained used car.