The main problems with the car and their solution

Problems with the car can make you nervous, especially when you do not know what the cause of the breakdown is and how much it can cost. One of the most expensive car breakdowns is a gearbox breakdown. In particular, if you have to change the entire transmission assembly, but often a complete replacement is not needed, but you need to know all the most common problems with the gearbox in order to understand what specific failure occurred in your car. 

So, below is a list of the most common faults in a car, knowing them – you can quickly deal with a breakdown and continue on your way.

The vehicle will not start.

You may face the fact that your vehicle does not start at all or starts with a delay and immediately stalls. At the time of starting the engine, a properly functioning vehicle must respond immediately. If you have an automatic gearbox, you may notice that there is a slight delay or jerk when igniting. Usually, this means that something is wrong with the transmission.

The car is shaking.

Ideally, your car should run smoothly. You should not notice any jolting while riding, braking or starting the engine. If you feel a rattle, then this may indicate that the problem is in the ignition or transmission.

While the car is running, a smell of burning appears.

Most definitely, with the proper operation of the vehicle, no odor should be felt. The smell of burning is an indication that a breakdown has occurred under the hood. Overheating of the transmission fluid may be one of the reasons for the appearance of such a smell. The main function of the transmission fluid is to cool and lubricate the parts of the car, as well as protect them from wear. If liquid escapes, the system may overheat and a burning smell will appear.

The signal “check engine” is displayed.

If the signal ‘check engine’ is displayed, usually this indicates that something has gone wrong in the vehicle’s operation, or it will go wrong. Basically, the engine signal is an indicator of transmission problems. It is important for you not to ignore the indicator. Take the vehicle to a specialist soon. If you ignore the problem, a more significant breakdown may occur, and you will have to pay for even more expensive repairs.

The car makes a noise in neutral.

If you hear noises when your vehicle is in neutral, this is not necessarily an indication of a serious breakdown. This sound often indicates that you need to add transmission fluid or replace it. Other, more serious problems may mean replacing parts or bearing worn out.

Once a vehicle breakdown occurs, it is important not to ignore it. In addition, many problems can be avoided by conducting scheduled maintenance of your car.

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