What do you need to do after buying a used car?

For experienced drivers, the matter is obvious and simple, but there are thousands of people who buy their first car. What do you need to do after the purchase and what is worth doing and how much does it cost?

A visit to the workshop – what must be done and checked?

After completing all the formalities, it is worth doing the first thorough car service. I believe that it is worth doing it very quickly after purchase for a simple reason – we always care about freshly bought items the most and are willing to incur more expenses, which will work to the advantage in the future. If you postpone anything, you’ll either do it only when it breaks down or never.

buying a used car

Timing drive – must be replaced

But let us stay on the subject of what is necessary. The most important element is the timing drive, the failure of which results in very expensive repairs. Therefore, if the seller did not provide you with an invoice for replacing the timing gear with the date and information about the car’s mileage, it is not worth risking and it is better to replace the drive unnecessarily than at all. Do not take verbal assurances and “evidence” such as a sticker on the engine seriously, unless you really trust the seller.

The chain is not for the life

People who sell cars with engines that do not have a timing belt but a chain often like to mention it in the context of the money saved. Many people still think that the timing chain cannot be replaced (note: even car manufacturers say so). Unfortunately, the truth is that in many cars it is subject to, and quite often.

Certainly, the timing chain should be checked at the service. An experienced mechanic will recognize noisy work, and some irregularities that come out during computer diagnostics may also indicate wear of the chain. If the mechanic does not find wear, you can be happy. If it does, you should prepare a larger sum than for a similar engine with a belt.

All fluids and filters to be replaced

As a rule, people who have planned to sell their car in a few months do not want to incur any costs. That is why it is rare to replace any fluids or filters in this case. After you buy it, it will be on your head. It is also worth having fresh consumables in the newly acquired car.

It is best to replace everything liquid and everything that filters as part of the after-purchase service. This applies to engine and transmission oil, as well as coolant, hydraulic fluid and appropriate filters, including the fuel filter. One of the omitted and very important fluids is the air conditioning agent, which is also the lubricant of the compressor expensive in repairs.

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