What is the safest way to sell a car privately?

When selling your car, one of the most important steps is to determine how you are going to be selling it. On previous blog articles, we have explained different ways of selling a used car such as private sales or selling to a car buyer service. There is more than a high price when it comes to selling a car such as the safety of the sale. Here are how you can make sure that the sale of your car goes quick and safe.

Don’t waste your time with non-serious buyers

It is impossible to avoid all the non-serious buyers and you will get annoyed by them. It’s just become a part of selling a car. Without replying to them, you could actually screen those potential buyers and figure out who are most likely to be the buyer.

Once you have invested a lot of time getting your car ready to sell by thoroughly cleaning it, fixing necessary things and making a great detailed ad, you shouldn’t be bothering non-serious buyers.

How to Avoid Time-Wasters and Scammers with Good Screening

It’s important to ask these questions if you are looking to screen your potential buyers:

Does their full name look genuine?  If the buyer has a suspicious name on whatever platform is being used, you should ask and confirm what their real name is. Any hesitation from the opposite side should be red flag.

Is the person in your area? It is a very common scam that people will contact you and claim they are far away and that they want the car transported to them. Don’t even reply to those and it is %99 scam.

Do they want to see the vehicle? People who are willing to buy the car without even seeing it are worthy of suspicion as well.

Don’t agree to a test drive without ID and full cash in hand

This happens more than it should and you need to be careful. Under no circumstances should you agree to a test-drive of your vehicle without holding a valid ID and full amount in cash from the buyer. There have been way too many car stealings using the good old test drive trick.

How to Stay Safe When Selling Your Car Privately

The less personal information you share publicly the safer you will be. There are many cyber scammers who aren’t interested in your car at all – they are interested in your private information. Make sure you don’t put down your exact address on the ad.

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