What risks should you avoid when buying a used car?

Buying a used car represents a very important economic gain, provided the car is in good condition. Thus, we must remain cautious and know how to choose from the large offer of the second-hand market. This article is not about scams or traps to avoid, it talks about problems that can arise and are easily preventable.

Avoid buying a used car with a blurry history

The first pet peeve of a second-hand car purchased from a private individual is the difficulty in retracing its history. Make sure you have all the information about the car and its maintenance before buying a used car.

Make sure the car has been serviced regularly and it’s been documented. Ask for a logbook and service receipts of any kind. Each time an operation or maintenance is carried out, the mechanic fills it out. Thus, having access to this book is very reassuring because it allows you to know the condition of the car you want to buy, the frequency with which it has been serviced but also any modifications that the car may have undergone. To sum up, the maintenance log is the health log of a car. A serviced car will be reliable regardless of high kilometers.

Mechanical, electrical, and electronic failures

The biggest fear of all 2nd hand car buyers, of course, is the breakdown that can occur after purchase. These failures can be mechanical, electrical or electronic.

The different types of breakdowns:

A mechanical failure occurs when a malfunction of a moving or non-moving mechanical part which is subjected to stress and which results in the failure of a fraction of all of the mechanical part of the car. For example, a broken cylinder head gasket. Operations during mechanical breakdowns can be very expensive.

An electrical failure is the result of a failure to recharge the battery. Indeed, a car to drive and in particular to start requires electricity. This electricity is supplied by the car battery. If it is insufficient, the starter motor and the alternator are ineffective. The only solution in the event of a battery failure is to change the latter. The price of the battery depends on the model of the car , from 80 to 300 dollars, and we must add to this the price of the installation which is around thirty euros. But it is possible to install it yourself easily.

Finally, an electronic failure is the malfunction of an electronic element of the car such as the speedometers for example. Changing these parts is extremely costly and does not always solve the problem which may be of a software nature.

Thus, the risk of breakdowns is to end up having to carry out repairs on the car after having bought it. This will greatly increase the cost of the occasion car you have just bought from a private individual. In this case, buying a used car between individuals loses its economic advantage.

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